Saturday, December 24, 2011

Batiking Made Easy

So, I got the idea to do a Watermark T-shirt from the adorable Sweet Verbena. She's great, really. If I had half the amount of craftiness that she does, well, I'd be a lot more crafty. 

Anyway, it's a process called batiking, and it's actually really fun and super easy to do! Basically, you use a dye resist and whatever you write or draw on your shirt will become the negative image once it's finished. 

First, you'll need to grab a white t-shirt and some BLUE Elmer's Glue (the gel kind), and put something sturdy inside so the glue won't bleed through. 

After you write/draw what you want on it, you'll need to let it dry completely before you can do anything. This will take years. Okay not really, but you should probably just let it sit over night. 

What you put on the shirt is really up to you and your artistic ability! Since I do not have an artistic bone in my body, I wrote some text in cursive and even that was a challenge. 

You'll also want to prepare the dye bath using cool water, compared to the normal boiling water that you'd use for dyeing fabrics. Rit Dye is good stuff too, and Fuchsia is my personal favorite. Everyone knows that pink is the best color anyway.

Once it's dyed, lay it out flat to dry and let it dry completely before washing it. This lets the dye soak in all the way.

Drying is the last step, then it's ready to wear! It might fade a little over time, as most hand dyed fabrics do, so be weary of that when choosing your original color.

To see the original post from Sweet Verbena, click here.
To learn more about the art of batiking, click here.

Oh, and Merry Christmas Eve, errbody! And Happy Hanukkah to my Jewish friends!

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