Saturday, January 7, 2012

...And a Happy New Year!

Every year for New Year's, my boyfriends' parents have a big party for all their friends.  I was lucky enough to get to go this year, and it was great! I met a lot of new people and saw other people I hadn't seen since last year's party. Some of the guys set off fireworks, which was fun too.

Watching fireworks

Attractive, right? 

Brenden is much more of a photographer than I ever knew! Below are some of his very impressive pictures:

Brenden's favorite picture of the night

My favorite! 
After fireworks, we hung around and watched the Times Square New Year's show, and shot those ridiculous little champagne bottle poppers.

I usually try not to make New Year's resolutions because
1. They're useless
2. No one ever sticks to it

But this year I've resolved to keep better track of my budget. So far so good!

Happy 2012!

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