Monday, January 23, 2012

The Coldest I've Ever Been While Also Being Indoors.

In case you were wondering, yes, I had an awesome weekend. I got to go home and visit my family AND  go ice skating! Not something us Southerners do very often, so it's always a blast. 

What was the occasion, you ask? It just so happened to be my littlest sisters' birthday and when the baby of the family wants an ice skating party, she gets it. She sure does a great job of making me feel old. 

Dad and the Birthday girl 
After I finished getting on my skates, I was texting (of course) and I heard someone call my name. Naturally, I assumed it was one of Abigail's friends wanting money or something, but I looked up and it was my friend Ashton I've known since birth, but hadn't seen in like TEN YEARS because I moved away. And we happened to be at the same ice rink in the same city (not where either of us are currently living) and ran into each other! What a crazy random happenstance! 

Here's us, reunited. 
 When we eventually got around to skating, I have to say I did a fine job. I'd like to attribute it to my natural athleticism and coordination, but it's probably because I got some good practice in over the summer. And by practice I mean I went once. But when you live in the south and ice skating is like a "once every 5 years" kind of thing, I'm ahead of the crowd. 

** Side note: Ice skating in the summer is GREAT. It's hot outside, but you can cool off and get a good work out! The rink I went to in DC wasn't crowded at all and it was so fun. So fun. But that's a story for another day. 

By the way, I did not even fall once. Proof: 


I just had to add this because this is what she gets for stealing my camera. 

Also had to add this one just because of Dad in the background.

 Unfortunately, Mom was behind the camera most of the day, but we'll get some pictures next time I go home.  Although she can been seen in the background of this shot. And if you'll notice the caption on my cup...
The cup says "Amanda aka Coolest Person Ever". 

I really want to go ice skating again. Any takers? 

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