Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Bling Bling Fling

 On Friday, some friends and I went to a semi-formal dance with Clemson's Cru. Before the dance, my awesome roommate Sarah and I cooked dinner for all eight (eight!) people that were coming with us. I love hosting and having people over, especially if it involves food. We made spaghetti and some sort of delicious cheesy bread, and Rachel helped make an awesome coffee/marshmallow dessert! it was so fun getting dressed up, especially in college since we don't have many occasions to do so. Of course, we had to have a photo session before heading out.
The girls

The guys
 When we got there, the whole place was decked out in bling, hence the "Bling Bling Fling". It was great! We danced until our legs hurt, and I even learned to shag (if you could call it that. I have no coordination) thanks to Brenden!


Brenden and I 
 It was sooo fun and I can't wait until I get to do it all over again at my sorority's formal in a few weeks!

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