Monday, February 13, 2012

Table Rock Adventure

I'm finally getting around to blogging about my Table Rock hiking trip because it's the first bit of free time I've had in weeks! Homework and tests are priority, but it's nice to finally have a lazy weekend.  A couple weeks ago, some friends, my boyfriend and I decided to drive up to Table Rock for a day of hiking. Apparently there's a Table Rock in SC, not just the North Carolina one! It was less than an hour from Clemson too! 

When we first got to the park and got out of the car, this is what we saw. Isn't it amazing?  And trust me, it's way bigger than it looks. If you look closely enough, you can see the table, and somewhere off to the side is the footstool.
Table Rock from a distance 

We thought it would be nice to sit by the lake to eat lunch, but even though it was 65°, it was FREEZING in the shade. And of course, since we were near the playground, we could hardly pass up the chance to swing. It had been years since I've gotten to swing! 

Rachel and Sam
Me and Brenden 

On our way to the hiking part of the park, we saw a miniature dachshund that looked exactly like my dog! When I told the owner, she said "Oh yeah, this is Rosie". The SAME name as my puppy! It was great. 

We eventually decided the trail to take, but it wasn't the one that led up to the top of Table Rock.  That would've taken like 6 hours to finish, and it was considered "strenuous". We would've run out of daylight before finishing that one. 

We hiked the Foothills trail, which wasn't too bad, and only ended up being 6 miles round trip. We got to see some beautiful waterfalls on the way, which was a nice break for when my eyes got tired of looking at trees. 

Brenden and I in front of a waterfall

We had to take a couple breaks for photo-ops, of course. 

Girly picture! Someone made me laugh. 

Studly men, as always. 
Part of the way up to the main waterfall we were trying to get to, we found a huge rock, and somehow the guys managed to climb up on top. Rachel and I held back, but hey, someone had to be ready to dial 911. 

Sam looking attractive as usual. 
Brenden on top of the big scary rock. 

In all, the trail wasn't too bad. Okay, parts of it were scary. Like this: 

Crossing under a waterfall 
Brenden hanging off a cliff

Even though it was a mere 65 ° in the morning, I'm sure it got to up a blazing 70 something later that afternoon. There were times when I regretted not wearing shorts. In January. Yeah. 

Enjoying the shade 
This one was totally Rachel's idea, but I think our eyes look cool here. 

One of the waterfalls we had to pass under

View from the trail

We eventually made it to the big waterfall we were looking for and it was totally worth it. It was awesome. It had gotten chilly again because we were so high up. We even dared to venture off the bridge overlooking it, down to the bottom of the falls. It was pretty lucky that no one busted it on the slippery moss. 

We had such a good time, sweat, tears, and all. Well, the tears were just Sam. Kidding. Next time I'd love to come for the whole day and try to make it all the way up to Table Rock before dark. Maybe if I ever get a long enough break from school. Can't wait! 

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