Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Another Outdoor Adventure

On Saturday, my boyfriend and I went to the Stumphouse Tunnel and Issaqueena Falls. Legend has it that an Indian maiden, Issaqueena, was being chased by some bad guys.  She tricked her pursuers into thinking she jumped off of the falls, but actually hid and survived. You can read more of the story, and more about the Stumphouse Tunnel here.

The hike to the falls wasn't actually a hike at all. It was like, 300 feet from the parking lot. But hey, I didn't mind! There was an awesome over look that gave us a good view of the falls.

We even met the sweetest old couple with their granddaughter. We got the man to take our picture while the woman rambled on about the good ol' days. I love old people. So cute!

Because the 30 second walk to the waterfall wasn't enough for us, we decided to hike the B.R.R.R. Trail (Blue Ridge Railroad). It actually wasn't that strenuous, but was a little muddy in places from the massive storm the night before. That made it all the more interesting though!

 On the trail, we came across another tunnel, the "Middle Tunnel".  It took us a while to actually find it, but check that bad boy out! We actually crawled down in there, and yeah, it's as scary as it looks.  Inside there was enough room for me to stand and for Brenden to crouch.  We only saw one bat, thank goodness, and it was sleeping.

The Middle Tunnel from the inside out. 

After that, we headed back and went to see the Stumphouse Tunnel.  Apparently it's an old Civil War Railroad tunnel, but it never got finished so it just stops.  It's also where Clemson first started making their famous Blue Cheese because the tunnel is a constant 56 degrees and damp, perfect cheese conditions. Who knew!

Call me a nerd, but I thought the whole place was great! I love learning all sorts of weird history type things like this. It definitely beats hanging around Clemson or bumming it on the couch.  I'll have to keep my eye open for more day trip possibilities. Anybody have any ideas?

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