Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Why (Some) Men Are Still Afraid of Feminism- From A Man's Point of View.

I found an article online today written by Dr. Michael Kaufman talking about why some men are so resistant to feminism. Dr. Kaufman promotes gender equality through seminars, working with the United Nations, and the White Ribbon Campaign.  

Feminism...touchy subject, right? It has a bad reputation. Of course, feminism isn't necessarily what you think- it's not all about a bunch of bra-burning man-haters. Try something a little more along the lines of gender equality. 

The article has 3 main points, all from a man's point of view: 
1. Giving up is hard to do
2. Being a man is hard to do
3. Changing ideas is hard to do

I can hardly do the article justice by trying to explain it, so just read it here:   http://www.michaelkaufman.com/2012/why-are-some-men-still-afraid-of-feminism/

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