Friday, April 27, 2012

Smoothie Queen

One of my absolute favorite snacks has to be a fruit smoothie.  They're so easy to make, and so healthy! I get my 4-5 servings of fruit in one drink. Actually, now the daily recommended servings are in cups with the whole "My Plate" initiative. (No more Food Pyramid?) I've seen a lot of smoothie recipes,but I usually just do my own thing and it turns out fine. I've perfected my own little recipe, and I really like it. The ingredients are super simple: Fruit, yogurt, and milk. That's it! Some people add sugar but I think the fruit is usually sweet enough. You can also add ice, but I don't like it to be too chunky.  

First, basically just use whatever fruit you want. Normally, I use a banana, strawberries, and some blueberries because all of those are a safe bet. In this one I threw in some grapes and pineapple for good measure. I don't think they actually changed the smoothie at all, but you know, why not? 

Also, check out my awesome pink blender. Did you notice it's pink? Yeah, PINK, the best color. 

Next, I add in about 1/3 cup of plain yogurt and 1/3 cup milk.  I use plain yogurt because any sort of flavor would just make it weird. Without the milk, it would have the consistency of baby food, so I think that's a pretty good idea too.

Then, just blend it up until it's nice and smooth. I've heard that blenders weren't really made to run for more than 10 seconds at a time, but it's hard to make sure the fruit gets broken up that way. I'll put it on the "pulse" setting for a bit though, just to make myself feel better.

And if you decide that you do want sugar or ice, only add a couple (that means two) tablespoons of sugar, and a few ice cubes before you blend.

So yeah, smoothies are a great healthy snack and they're so easy. You have no reason not to make one now. Cheers!

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