Tuesday, April 3, 2012

They're heeeere!

I am one of those people now. I finally caved and got Vibram FiveFingers, and they. are. amazing.  I had to order them from Colorado because that was the closest store with my size and color, but it's cool. I can be patient...sometimes. My crazy runner boyfriend got them last year, but I never really considered them until a few months ago when I saw some girls wearing them around campus. What can I say? I'm easily influenced.  But now armed with the knowledge that there are girl Vibrams available, I started looking around. I ended up getting the Women's Treksport, with a 4mm midsole, perfect for "fitness, running, traveling, and trekking", which pretty much means you can run, walk, or even wear them to yoga class. I'll probably even wear them around campus.

I've discovered I kind of don't love running. I don't dislike running either, I'm just not the best at it. I like to say I like running though, because cool people run. That's partly why I got these! I'd like to run more, and maybe with these new shoes it'll grow on me. Renew my spirit, if you will. And give me gorgeous sculpted legs! ...Or something like that. Apparently you're only supposed to do 10% of your normal workout in the first few weeks wearing them (cough Brenden, who didn't believe it and was sore for days), and gradually build up. Normal tennis shoes give you pansy feet and weak leg muscles. I wore them for one workout last week before I switched back to tennis shoes for a day, and that was basically the worst. My feet felt like prisoners in a thick-soled prison. There's no going back now! I'm wearing them to Zumba tonight...let's hope I can move my legs tomorrow!

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