Friday, May 11, 2012

Amanda Goes to Washington

It's official, I'm back from the dead! Or just a brief hiatus after moving out of Clemson and up to Washington, D.C. It'll be my second summer up here, and now that I've got my first week of work under my belt let me just say: It is good to be back. I love this city! I'm rarely bored, and there's always something going on (unlike other towns I've come to be all too familiar with).  Well, I don't actually live in the city. I live just outside, but let's face it- only criminals and congressmen actually live in the city.

And yes, I'm living like a real live grown up! Scary isn't it? It was much scarier last summer when I was on my own for the first time. They say you're on your own when you go to college- No. That is garbage. It is the opposite of being on your own. It's nice to be a fully functioning adult again for the next three-ish months.  And hey, graduation's in a year and I'll get to pretend to be all grown up for real!

Anyway, D.C. has so much exciting stuff going on. I hope to add some Capitol shenanigans to my blog posts. Keep your eyes peeled for the fun stuff to come!

Also: Curious about the title of this post? Watch Mr. Smith Goes to Washington . I haven't actually seen it, but it's on my list of "Movies to Watch to be Considered a Functioning Human Being".

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