Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Easing the pain of exam week, one bite at a time.

I made a cake! A fabulous rainbow cake! 

I got my inspiration from Bird on a Cake again, and trust me- it is harder than it looks. 

White cake mix
Liquid food coloring- as many colors as you can get your hands on. 
Gel food coloring- used to dye icing, find it on the same shelf as regular squeeze icing
White icing
2 cake pans
At least 6 small bowls and 1 very large bowl

First, make your cake mix like normal. Then, divide it up into six different bowls. Use the liquid food coloring to dye each bowl of mix a different color. You may have to mix, but don't worry- just add a little at a time, stir, and add more.

Purple food coloring doesn't exist- I made my own. 
 Eventually, your batter bowls will look like this. One thing to note: it was really hard to make sure each bowl had the same amount of batter in it. Really the best you can do is eyeball it, but if they're a little off it doesn't matter. 

Next is the fun part. Pour your first color in one of the cake pans, using about 3/4 of the bowl. It will spread out and cover most of the bottom of the cake pan. Next, pour the next color on top using a little less, so that as you use each color they form concentric circles.  Do the same for your other pan, but going in the opposite order.  

This was one of the hardest parts for me.  The pan with purple on the bottom had waaaay more mix than the one with red on the bottom, so you can see where I tried to add more red to the top to make it a little fuller. It didn't work, so the purple one ended up being a little thicker. In the end it didn't matter much. It mostly just bothered me because they weren't even. 

Next, bake your cakes like normal, and wait for them to cool COMPLETELY. And when I say completely, I really mean completely. I waited for HOURS and they still weren't cool, so I stuck them in the fridge. I know, bad habit. Oh well, it works. 

After they had finally cooled, I popped them out of the pans (way easier said than done).  A little bit of the cake was still stuck to the bottom and I had a minor panic attack. But I took a spatula, scraped it up, and put it back on the cake and glued it with icing. Don't forget to put a layer of icing between the cake layers! 

After that, I iced the cake and it took an entire tub of  Betty Crocker Whipped icing. ENTIRE TUB. But that's okay, calories don't count during exam week. (Or during Christmas. It's a rule). 

See? Told you the purple was thicker. Good thing I've got icing!
Eventually I got the whole thing iced. You'd never know that it was so colorful inside would you?  After that, I took the gel icing and drew more circles on top of the cake.

Next, in the Bird on a Cake blog, the lady said to take a paintbrush and drag the icing outwards until you get a tie-dye pattern. Um, no. She lies. That does not work.. I tried that and it ended up pulling all the white icing off! SO- solution: Make tiny, feathering motions going around each circle until the entire cake is covered in a tie-dye-like pattern. This will probably take your entire life. 

So later when you finish and you're 90 years old it will look something like this: 

It looks fairly tie-dye is, but point is, it's colorful and that's what I was going for. 

Cutting into it is the best part because you get this! : 
 It's an amazing rainbow of happiness. No, seriously. 

I took it to a cookout with some friends this weekend and it was a big hit! I've got a teensy bit leftover, and am rationing it to myself to help get me through this week. One more exam on Wednesday, then I'm done. DONE! 

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