Monday, June 11, 2012

Thoughts on Skinny Ties

This post is dedicated to my lovely friend Rachel, who said that I should post about why skinny ties are hot so she can convince her boyfriend to wear one. Sam, if you're reading this- just put on a skinny tie and make the girl happy.

For the rest of you, skinny ties are attractive. It is a well known fact among all females. The males who have caught on to this are clearly the smart ones. If you wear one and you don't have girls dying to rip off your clothes...you're probably doing something wrong somewhere else (skinny jeans, white sunglasses, Hawaiian shirts on a day other than Friday, to name a few. Fix those first, then you'll be fine).

Reasons why skinny ties are attractive:

Reason Number One 

Reason Number Two 

Reason Number Three

Reason Number Four

And finally: 

I know, I know. He's not even wearing a skinny tie, I just threw him in for good measure. 

In conclusion, men: if you wear a skinny tie you will look like this. That is all. Thank you. 

Love, Amanda and Rachel. 

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