Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fairly Interesting

Last Monday, I went to the South Carolina State Fair with a group of friends. I was a little worried about the weather, and I didn't get the $25 ride voucher for unlimited rides because I didn't feel like paying $25 to be reminded that I have extreme motion sickness. But it turned out to be a fabulous time! 

We ate wayyy to much delicious disgusting food- the kind where after you take a bite you're swimming in butter and feel like you need to take a shower. It's great, but I could really only do it one day a year. 

Brenden and Grey with the Elephant Ear
 Even though I didn't ride any crazy rides, my roommate Rachel and her brother Ben did! This sucker was just called "Speed". The seats rotate as the arms swings you practically to Mars. It was hilarious to hear them scream.
Rachel and Ben on the death trap
Rachel and I 
 One of my favorite parts of the fair is getting to see all the cute aminals! : ) This bunny just killed me with those ears. I mean, come on! Too cute! The best part was seeing Swifty the Swimming Pig. They had pig races and a tiny little pig called Swifty dive into a troth and swim across. I need one. NEED ONE.

I wonder if it's hard to walk...
The one ride I wanted to do before going home was the ferris wheel. I love that you can see pretty much all of Columbia from the top. My favorite!
Brenden and I on the ferris wheel

View from the top
And of course, I had to sample one last bit of traditional fair food before heading home- the frozen banana on a stick. (with chocolate and sprinkles). It's probably the healthiest thing there, and also the most delicious!

I probably won't be in town when the fair comes around again next year, but I'll try my best to pay a visit!

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