Saturday, October 13, 2012


Clemson shoes!

I never really understood football.

Until I came to Clemson.

Clemson football made me actually care about football. Because it's awesome! The players are hilarious, have amazing dreads (Sammy! DeAndre! That other guy!) and the best tattoos (Tajh!)


I mean, I'm not opposed to other college football teams (except University of South Carolina. I don't like you or your new uniforms and your fans are obnoxious). I have friends that are Maryland turtle fans and I kind of really love Michigan's QB Denard Robinson. Except...you can't really beat the experience of a game in Death Valley.

As if you didn't believe it already, here's why Clemson football is awesome.

The Most Exciting 25 Seconds in College Football

Our President dresses up as the Mascot to do touchdown push ups

You can wear ridiculousness like this ^

Touchdown fireworks

Another Tiger win!

And if I wasn't excited about the next home game enough, my friends and I got third row seats! THIRD ROW! I'm gonna be on tv y'all! Gooooo Tigers!

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