Sunday, October 14, 2012

Landsford Canal

On Saturday, my family took a quick trip to Landsford Canal, one of SC's state parks. The story is that the canals were built in the 1800's to help boats get around the rocky parts of the Catawba river. It only lasted until    about 1835, and now the canal is overgrown. Still really cool to go look at and see the historical stuff!

The overgrown canal. Very narrow!  

Abigail and Rosie
 One thing that's pretty cool about the area are the Rocky Shoals Spider Lilies that grow along the water in the spring. I really want to go back in May and see how it looks! They say there are thousands of them and it's absolutely beautiful.

No lilies in the fall, but just picture it! 

Dad and Mom in front of where the lilies grow

Dad and the girls

Mom and Abigail
Aaaaand eventually we got tired of walking and headed back to the car. Naturally, I had to do a photoshoot with the dog.
Rosie didn't want to take a picture

There we go : ) [Note the faces in the background]
I really love going on little day trips like this, especially the outdoorsy stuff! It's great to get out in the nice fall weather and walk around. It's pretty cool to learn about the South Carolina history too. I know, I'm a nerd. I definitely need to go back in the spring so I can see the Spider Lilies. Yay nature.

P.S. I felt the need to add this because it makes me laugh. Silly Anna. Quite the photographer, no? I'm sure those pictures turned out beautifully.

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