Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Splatter painting

We did this a loooong time ago (like months) and I'm just now getting around to blogging about it. Better late than never? 

Over the summer, I found 3 matte black mugs at Goodwill for like 83 cents each. Score! I had absolutely nothing to do with 3 of the exact same mug at the time, but I new I'd be able to use them for some sort of crafty purpose. And eventually...

Ta da! I decided splatter painting would do the trick. I gave the others to my roommates and we had a go at splatter painting. I was surprised at how well it turned out! 



Melissa and Rachel being crafty 
It was a little hard to get the hang of it at first- I'm pretty sure more paint ended up on us than on the mugs. 

What a mess! 

We had a great time making a mess and getting paint on the side of the porch (whoops). The mugs turned out beautifully!
My finished product!
Of course, splatter painting wasn't enough, so we decided to do our napkin holder too! It was black and looked really cool with the paint. Who wants a boring napkin holder anyway? 

It was a fun time, and we really love being crafty. Yay cool mugs! 

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