Thursday, November 22, 2012

Unleashing Our Creativity

In case you haven't noticed, my roommates and I loooooove art projects. So it made perfect sense when we decided to splatter paint (yeah, it's our thing) some canvases. We laid out four 8x10 (ish?) canvases on some newspaper in the kitchen...it was freezing outside and my creativity cannot be unleashed below 70 degrees. 
Rachel and Melissa model the "Before" canvases.
We poured every color of paint we had on some paper plates and added a few drops of water to each color. This made the paint a little runnier and easier to fling with the brushes. 

After that, we just kind of went at it willy nilly. You should really try it sometime- it's the perfect stress reliever! 
Starting to get some color....

Rachel's really excited about painting

After a while, there starting to be more color and we had to be careful about making it even and filling in any white spots. It's pretty difficult to aim a brush when you're throwing paint at the floor... But eventually we got this: 

Aaaaaand then I stepped in paint:

But we did have the bright idea of pouring loose glitter all over the we paint. You can see where this is going, can't you? It was going beautifully for a while, and I was sprinkling the glitter like fairy dust...
See? Fairy dust. 
...Until the lid came off and the whole tub poured on the painting. Luckily Rachel had the camera ready and captured our faces for that moment: 
Too much fairy dust

But eventually we got everything evened out and covered in the proper amount of glitter. As Melissa said, "It looks like Lisa Frank threw up!" 
Final Product

And it's perfect. Just perfect. : )

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