Monday, December 3, 2012

The Nicest Things

I love it when people are nice.

Especially when I've done everything I can to no avail, and finally someone helps me out.

For example:
I have an internship in the university's Human Resources department this semester and it's really great for on-the-job experience. They've asked me to come back next semester to work, and I've heard about people getting class credit for internships so I thought I'd look into it. This was not as easy as I was expecting.

I emailed:
-The psychology internship advisor
-The head of the Management department
-My internship advisor
-The head of the internship program
-The head of the Psychology department
-Another psychology internship advisor.

Seriously. This process took weeks. No one knew what to do! The internship program offers a 0-credit hour course that I can sign up for, but it costs $150. Who in their right mind would pay $150 for a ZERO CREDIT HOUR CLASS?? I made sure to tell the head of the internship program that it was absolutely ridiculous and I could not pay a fee and have nothing to show for it.

Finally, the last guy I emailed had some answers. He's a professor in the psych department and also the advisor for the Applied Psychology Practicum, basically an internship class. He said that if my internship fit into Industrial/Organizational Psychology curriculum (it does) then I could sign up for the class and get 3 hours of credit for my work! Here's the kicker: There is NO section of Applied psychology practicum next semester, but this guy is nice enough to create a section of the class just for me! What! I'm literally the only person in this class, and there's no actual meeting time. But as long as I turn in my assignments on time I can get credit for my internship.

Moral of the story: If you want something and know there's a way to get it, don't give up! Just be persistent and eventually someone will listen to you! I'm so glad my hard work payed off.

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  1. Don't even get me started on getting paperwork done at Clemson. I would have ended up paying an extra $600 in fees to Clemson for doing my Washington semester program if I hadn't investigated and asked five different people what the policies were! You are not alone, haha.


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