Monday, January 21, 2013

Sew ALL The Things!

All the things - Sew all the things

I got a sewing machine for Christmas! I have absolutely no idea HOW to sew, but who cares! Gotta start somewhere, right? At least now I can learn, because I've wanted to for a long time. 

It's a Brother... something or other. I can't remember the exact model without looking at it. But it's awesome and has 80 pre-programmed stitches and can even sew BUTTON HOLES. You guys, button holes!! 

Last week I practiced sewing straight lines because the only sewing experience I have is, well, none. I wanted my first project to be easy, so I did some Googling and found a tutorial for an infinity scarf. It looked easy enough! All you really need to do is sew straight lines, and I can do that! 

I went to the store and got a couple yards of fabric for 63 cents. Seriously! They felt bad for making me wait in line so I got a serious discount. I had to get matching thread too, so the grand total for this project was $2.99. Someone please tell me where you can buy an infinity scarf for $2.99. You can't. 

Cute, right?

I started by cutting two 12'' by 60'' strips of fabric and turning them right side in and sewing down the long sides. It looked like this at first:

Thanks for modeling it, Mom.

After that was where it got difficult. I can sew a straight stitch no problem (most of the time at least). But after that, I had to sew the two ends of the fabric together to make the infinity part. It took two online tutorials and a YouTube video for me to figure it out, but I did it. I didn't take any pictures of that part because I was concentrating too hard. After I got the short ends sewn together and turned right side out, I had to hand-stitch the little hole that I pulled the fabric through. That's the ugliest part, but as long as no one looks too close I think it looks pretty legit!


I'm so proud of this silly little scarf. It's my first sewing project ever! I'm sooo excited and can't wait to see what I can make next! Next thing you know I'll be sewing my own wedding dress.

* Note: Excuse the crappy quality of my pictures, as they were taken with my iPad rather than my camera. I didn't bring my D40 home because I just brought my film camera. Turns out film isn't' the greatest for same-day blogging. Oops. 

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