Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Blackberry Scones

On Saturday, my roommates and I decided to get fancy and make blackberry scones for brunch! I found a recipe online from Sarah Jio. I had originally found a recipe form 101 Cookbooks, but it was a little fancy for us, and Sarah's was a little more our speed.

First things first: Blackberries. I've never been a huge fan of blackberries because the seeds are kind of weird, but this batch looked pretty good!

Next we had to do the "mix the dry ingredients and wet ingredients separately, then mix them together" thing. Slowly add in the blackberries until they're mixed throughout the dough. 

Unfortunately, this is where we went wrong.  We ran out of flour and had to add more in later and had to keep stirring. In Sarah Jio's recipe, it says to stir gently as to not crush the blackberries. Well, that's impossible. Especially when you're trying to stir in extra flour that should have made it in the first time around (cough, Rachel, cough). 

Anyway, after we got it all mixed (thanks to Melissa's awesome stirring muscles!) we had crushed a good bit of the blackberries and the dough turned into blue alien goo. BLUE ALIEN GOO. 

I know.... It's kind of freaky. But hey, I've never met a blue scone I didn't like. Our hands got a nice blue tint when we had to form them into the scones. 

The recipe said to make the dough into a ball and then cut it into triangles. Also impossible. So instead we made them into blobs (what, I've seen round scones before! I think.) and baked them on a cookie sheet.  

Well, it was our lucky day because they turned out beautifully! And they tasted fan-freaking-tastic too. 

We made a nice little lemon glaze to pour over them because there wasn't any actual sugar in the scones, and I think that was a nice touch. These are definitely something I'd make again, despite the initial leaving out of flour and mashing the blackberries.  

Another kitchen success. 

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