Monday, February 11, 2013

Small Victories

Don't you love the little things that make your day so much better? Yeah.

1. Brenden Roberts admitted that I was right about something. If you know him, this is an extremely  rare occasion. There's a music app called Songza (it's really good, go get it) that is free and has no adds interrupting the music. I told dear Brenden to download it but he was his ever skeptical self and doubted me. Except now he likes it and I was right. SO THERE.

2. Really comfortable work clothes. I have a job in Clemson working for the University's Human Resources department and I spend more time at work than I do in class (yay Senior year!) I only wear business clothes anymore. So it's really really great when said business clothes just so happen to be super comfortable. Today is one of those days. Super soft khakis and a cotton button-down. Yes please.

3. Putting my iPod on shuffle and hearing the exact song I wanted to hear. It's like it knows me. It's either really creepy or really awesome, so I'm gonna go with really awesome.

4. Experimenting with something and it actually turning out okay. Example: I got an LL Bean sweater that was a bit boxy in the shape. I took a risk and decided to use my sewing machine and take the sides in a bit. I had NO IDEA what I was doing WHATSOEVER because I don't know how to alter clothes, but I just started sewing and it just kind of worked. So now my boxy sweater is slightly narrower AND I have another sewing victory under my belt.

It's the little things....

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