Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Froot Loopy Goodness

 Did you know you can make Rice Krispy Treats, but use Froot Loops instead? Yep.

<--- Marshmallows
          Froot Loops --->

Mix it all together. 

Squish it in a pan. 

Oh my gosh, more sugar than you've ever had ...ever.  

But you won't regret it. I even had some for breakfast, because it totally counts. 

Rachel and Alex

Also, Happy Passover! Ali and Lauren made delicious Jewish food (mostly, except the cardboard cracker things). Ali also did a spit-take, which I regrettably did not capture on camera. It was my first time trying the Matza ball soup and it was pretty good! It's something I'd want to eat when I'm sick. 

Matza Ball Soup

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