Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Girl hems pants, feels domestic as a result.

Remember how I got that sewing machine for Christmas? I've been dying to put it to more use, but because of school/work I haven't had the time. Thank goodness for spring break, because now I'm finally getting some practice in! 

I had a pair of Express pants that I bought a year or two ago. They were too long when I bought them, but when I got them hemmed at the dry-cleaners they were a little too short. I could just donate them to Plato's closet or something, but I really like these pants and wasn't quite ready to part with them. 

[And yes, I say donate because Plato's Closet will rob you. I got $4 for another pair of Express pants. Ouch! But that's beside the point.]

I had a good 2 inches to work with on these pants, so I started by using a seam ripper to get rid of the hem that was already there. If you're trying to do this yourself, be careful not to rip the serged bit along the edge- it keeps your pants from unraveling! 

You're supposed to leave more room than this in the fold, but because I was making the pants longer, not shorter, I had less to work with. 

One very important step: Be sure to iron your new hem. Once it's pressed it will be much easier to work with. You may not even need pins! 

After I sewed my new hem all the way around my pants, I turned them right-side out and ACK! I saw this ghastly faded line! I knew it would be there, though- it's from the old hem. It just happens through natural wear-and-tear of the pants. So, to cover it up I put a topstitch over it, just like you would have a gold topstitch in normal jeans.  "Topstitch" is just the decorative thread that you actually want people to see. 

You can see here I have my secret actual hem, with matching blue thread, and above it to cover the old hem I have the gold topstitch. I think they turned out very nicely for my first hemming attempt! One nice thing about having a sewing machine- I'll never have to pay the $12 to get my pants fixed again. Woo!

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