Friday, April 26, 2013

High Five for Friday

I've seen a few bloggers doing the "High Five for Friday" bit, so I thought I'd try it out too.
Who knows, maybe it'll become a regular thing. Supposedly you just write about 5 awesome things that happened this week. Easy enough! Linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk for this one.

1. Brenden made it safely to Kwajalein! It's an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and he's on a two(ish) week long trip there to launch rockets and do science.  It sounds like something out of a storybook, except 10x warmer. He got an Instagram account just for this specific purpose, so everyone should follow him and check out the cool pictures! 

2. I passed my ePortfolio! If you go/went to Clemson you know what an undertaking that is, but if you do not, let me sum it up: In order to graduate from Clemson, you must upload 7 "artifacts" from each general education competency so that Clemson can look fancy and become a Top 20 school. Except it serves no purpose for the student and everyone hates it. My Arts & Humanities competency had to be re-written 4 times to please the grader. She is a wretched woman. But I'm done, and it's over. 

3. I found out that I can keep my job with Clemson after graduation! I'll move from part-time to full-time after my exams are finished next week. I'll be working for the Human Resources department. It's only temporary though, because in July I'll start my Big Girl Job in Washington, DC. So scary and exciting! I'm really glad Clemson will keep me busy (and employed) until then though. 

4. Rachel and I experimented a little with dinner last night. We used a Rachel Ray recipe as inspiration, but the more we cooked, the more things got changed! It was originally supposed to be a Cacciatore recipe. We started with pasta and tomatoes, but left out the mushrooms, added parsley, corn, chili powder, and some cajun seasonings. I love that we can just experiment and things still turn out well. 

5. Today is Rachel's 21st birthday (Happy Birthday!) and I got super crafty with her present. I'm really excited for all of you to see it, but she hasn't opened it yet so you'll have to wait until tomorrow : ) 

Happy Friday! 

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