Monday, April 22, 2013

My Very Own Pinterest Fail

So everyone's seen this from A Beautiful Mess on Pinterest, right? I thought I'd try it! 

My first problem was that I couldn't find letters big enough! Michael's and Hobby Lobby had NOTHING. So I settled for some foam letters and hoped it would work. 

Remember when I did this painting? It was cool and all, but if I did it again I'd make it brighter colors. So, I didn't feel bad covering it up for a new project! I stuck on my favorite quote:

Covered it in paint:

And peeled off the letters after letting it dry overnight.

I mean, it's okay... But not what I had in mind.

It's just... the letters are a little small and you can see where the paint leaked under. Mehhhh. I know I can do better. I think I'll just paint over it and see what I can make of it! Be on the lookout for another post with the actual finished product. 


  1. The exact same thing happened to me. I think the key is using the more industrial block letters(?). I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who couldn't pull this project off!

  2. Ah, that makes me feel better! If I could find the right letters I'd love to try it again. Oh Pinterest...


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