Thursday, April 11, 2013

пирог из фаршированных яблок- Russian Apple Pie.

I was a part of the Russian booth at Clemson's International Food Festival last weekend. I volunteered to make a traditional Russian dessert called пирог из фаршированных яблок or more commonly known as Pie Stuffed with Apples. I got the recipe from my professor, so I knew it was legit, but the funny thing about Russian recipes? They say things like "Bake until done". Wait, what? I guess American specificity has spoiled me!

10-12 apples
1/4 c. raisins
1/4 c. almonds 
4-5 eggs
1 1/2 c. cream
1/3 c. sugar
3/4 c. rusk crumbs 

Peel and core 10-12 apples. Finely chop 2 of the apples and mix with 1 spoon sugar, 1/4 cup each raisins and finely pounded sweet almonds. Fill the cored apples with this mixture, or simply fill them with jam, and bake.  When they are cooked, beat 4-5 egg yolks with 2 spoons sugar and 1 1/2 cups cream.  Sprinkly on a little cinnamon and 3/4 cups rusk crumbs and fold in 4-5 beaten egg whites.  Pour over the apples arranged in a small deep dish and bake for a short time. 

The recipe says to stuff the apples, but I decided that was beneath me. Actually, I just didn't have an apple corer that didn't also slice it. That would've been difficult. So instead of stuffing the apples, I just decided to make the whole thing with the filling and turn it into a casserole. Same thing, different consistency. Sort of.

First, I had to make the rusk crumbs. Rusk is twice-baked bread. I took a few slices of wheat bread and baked it in the oven for a few hours at 200 degrees.

After that, I had to peel and chop about 3,000 apples. Actually, it was like 12, but still. Brenden and my roommates were nice enough to help or I may have never finished!

While I was doing that, Brenden broke up the bread into the crumbs.

I mixed the apples with sugar and raisins. I added extra sugar because instead of 4 chopped apples I just chopped all of them. I probably added more raisins that I was supposed to, but I just poured until it looked good. 

After that, I was supposed to stuff the other apples with the sugary chopped apples.  Buuuuut since I didn't have any apples to stuff, I just poured all of the chopped apples in a 9x13 pan and poured some half-and-half (didn't measure, too much work). 

Finally, I mixed the rusk crumbs with cinnamon (again, didn't measure, not important) and poured them over the top. 

I had no idea how long to bake it, or even at what temperature. I guessed and put it at 350 and baked until it made the apartment smell good.  Not the most scientific way to go about this, but it worked! 

Everyone at the International Food Festival seemed to love it, it was gone within a few hours! 

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