Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Jockey Lot

Last Saturday, Rachel, Melissa, and I went to the Anderson Flea market called The Jockey Lot. It was huge!! There were tables and booths everywhere, and even a "puppy lot" where people come to sell their litters. Crazy, right?

There were baby Basset Hounds : ) How sweet is that face? They even had green eyes! I melted. 

They also had a couple of Husky puppies that I totally fell in love with. Look at those eyes! So furry! 

What really killed me was this sweet little Pomeranian puppy. Oh my goodness. I've always wanted a Pomeranian and I was this close to taking her home. She had some sass! 

I also fell in love with this little Dachshund. It's a Rosie! It reminded me of what Rosie looked like when she was a baby, with her tiny paws and short little nose. Awwww. 

We also wanderd around and looked at all the tables. These flowers were for sale at one booth. I wish I could have a garden! Ah, apartment living. 

After we got hungry, we stopped by a little donut stand on got the most delicious mini donuts.  You could choose between powder or cinnamon and I'm so glad we opted for the cinnamon because htye were AMAZING. I usually regret eating donuts but these...not at all. 

After that, we found one booth that was selling sugar gliders! They're like little flying squirrels. I'm normally VERY opposed to rodent-like animals but these were so sweet! They seemed relatively easy to take care of, and I would love to just sit it on my shoulder while I do stuff! 

Best friends
Rachel and Melissa had a great time!

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