Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Unicorn Hair

I always wanted to put fun colored streaks in my hair when I was in high school, but my parents never let me. When I got to college, I went crazy! Freshman year was blue, sophomore year was purple, junior year was pink, and senior year is all three!

I put pink, purple, and blue throughout the bottom. I think it looks pretty dang cool if I say so myself.  A few friends said I had "unicorn hair" (meaning My Little Pony, obviously). The purple has faded to a hot pink, so now it's mostly pink with a tiny bit of blue. 

I was worried my boss would freak out, but so far everyone seems to think it's really cool! I figured I should do it now before I start my real job after graduation.  If I ever get the chance to do it again, I think I'll do the tips hot pink! 

Who wants boring hair anyway? 

I don't do boring. 

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