Sunday, May 5, 2013

DIY Button Headband

Check out my latest project! Rachel and I took a field trip to Hobby Lobby last week and we found these adorable buttons. I had been wanting to make a button headband for a while, and these are perfect! 

I used a piece of black elastic and black thread and sewed each button on by hand. First I had to measure the elastic around my head. If you try it, make sure there's room for the elastic to stretch, but don't make it too loose! It won't be very hard to sew through the elastic, just make sure to do it tight enough to hold the buttons down. 

I was worried about getting the buttons in the right spot so it wouldn't look weird, but it was easy to see where the big and small ones should go once I started sewing.  I only put buttons halfway around, because the back of the headband won't be seen.  When I finished sewing on buttons, I held the ends of the elastic together and sewed. I could have done this with a sewing machine, but I already had a needle and thread in hand. It wasn't too hard! I went over it a few times to make sure it holds. 

 I like the varying size and colors of the buttons. Hopefully it will match a lot of stuff. I think it's perfect for spring!

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