Friday, May 31, 2013

High Five For Friday

1. Melissa came to visit and it was great! Lots of roomie love goin' on. Brenden was back in America for a few days too! It was great to see both of them, even if was only for a little while. 

2. I moved my afternoon workout to the mornings this week. By morning I mean a 5 am wake up time. I'm always so exhausted if I try to go after work that I don't get anything accomplished! But by going in the mornings before work I have so much more energy. Like my pink shoes? Vibrams are the bomb. 

3. When Melissa was here, we went on Rollercoaster Road! It's a road near Clemson where the hills are so steep you can't see the bottom. Crazy! It's been on my Clemson Bucket list forever, but I just got around to going. It was terrifying and awesome. 

4. I sewed my first pillow cover! Including a zipper. The zipper made me want to pull my hair out, but it all worked in the end. It's nice because once I get tired of it, I can take it off an put on another one! You'll see another more detailed blog post about it soon. 

5. You're probably wondering- what in the WORLD is that last picture of? Well, guys, it's the hose in my kitchen sink. It had been broken/stuck for a few months now and no one could figure out what the deal was.  But GUESS WHAT. I fixed it! I am strong independent woman who don't need no maintenance man. So yeah. This picture is evidence of my repair skills. 

Linking up with Lauren again on this one. 

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