Monday, May 13, 2013

I guess I'm a real grown-up now.

I graduated on Friday! It's so exciting! I finally have a B.S. in Psychology. That's all psychology is anyway, right? B.S.? Get it? Kidding, this is awesome. 

Waiting to walk- heading in the tunnel to get into the coliseum.  

President Barker is retiring (sad!), and I was part of the last graduating class to get to shake his hand. 

And of course, a photoshoot with the family afterward! 

Rachel was nice enough to come to my graduation! 

And later we both went to Melissa's! 

 And of course, I had to read the statue! The legend has it that if you read our founder's statue while you're a student you won't graduate on time (or maybe not at all? Who knows). But now that I'm no longer a student I can read it! It was life changing, guys. Seriously life changing. So much that I can't remember what it says. 

I love this University. Don't worry, I'll be back to visit.

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