Saturday, June 8, 2013

DIY Pillow Cover

My last sewing project was sewing a pillow slip cover! Pillow covers are great because once you have a pillow form ($6-$15 at Hobby Lobby, depending on size), you can change out the cover when you're bored! Or if the cover gets dirty, you can take it off and pop it in the wash. I'm all for practicality. 

Is this fabric not the greatest?! I love the neutral colors, and the french script. So pretty. 

First, cut your fabric to fit your pillow form. I laid mine on top, got a general idea of the size, and cut around it. You don't need to leave a seam allowance because a tight cover will fluff up the pillow. Exact measurements will do just fine. You should have two pieces of fabric the size of the pillow. 

After that, I worked to install my zipper. The zipper is the reason you can take the cover off of the pillow, so it's pretty important!I had to watch a few Youtube tutorials to figure it out, but I did it! After roughly 13 tries. 

First, lay out your zipper where you want it to go and mark where the zipper ends. Take it off and sew a normal stitch until where you marked, then sew a basting stitch where the zipper goes, and when you reach where you marked again (the other end of the zipper) finish with a normal stitch.  Flatten the seam with the iron. 

After that, pin your zipper in place, and sew around the edges using a zipper foot attachment on your sewing machine.  The first time I tried this, it went perfectly.  Until I realized I did it on the wrong side of the fabric. Doh! When I tried to fix it, I kept messing up and had to try SO MANY times, but I wasn't going to let some zipper beat me! I eventually got it. 

After the zipper is sewed down, take a seam ripper and open up the part where the basting stitch is. Your zipper will be secure on the ends, and still able to move freely once you take out that middle stitching! 

Sew around the other three sides of the pillow as you would normally, then clip the little triangles made from the corners. When you turn it right-side out, poke out the corners and stuff your pillow inside! 

I'm really happy with the way it turned out! My first zipper was a lot of work, but I think it's something I could do really quickly with a little more practice. And it made a pretty pillow! I could definitely make a ton of these to change out when I get bored with this one. 

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