Thursday, July 18, 2013

A 90's Refashion

I went to the thrift store last week for 25% off Monday! I found these shorts for a couple bucks. They're a really pretty blue, even though you can't tell it from the first picture.  They're a terrible shape though! I feel bad for the person who used to own these.  I could tell they're from the 90's from the tag. Old! 


I ripped out the seam in the crotch. Easy enough! It was a good thing to do while watching tv.  

After that, I drew a line where I wanted to sew the legs together. Fabric chalk is super useful! 

I pinned the legs down where I wanted the new seam to be.

Sewed it down!

I cut off the extra fabric where the legs came together. 

And ta-da! A new skirt! It's straight through the hip and thighs, but really flowy too! It's so light and airy, and perfect for summer. So comfortable and no more 90's shorts! 

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