Friday, July 12, 2013

A Quick Fix

A few weeks ago, my sister Anna came to me with a pair of jeans she was very meh about. She wasn't fond of the fit or wash, and hadn't worn them in months (years?)  

Aaaand that's where I come in. We turned them into shorts! Well, I did. But I used it as an opportunity to give her a quick sewing lesson! 

First we measured and marked with a fabric pencil, then we chopped! I love my ruler and that I can cut right along the edge for that perfect straight line. I did both legs and evened them up, then took them to the machine. 

I used a special jeans needle and jean thread. I used gold for the topstitch to give it a professional look. Using a needle for jeans is really important! Other needles are too thin to punch through the fabric the way they should, and it can be really dangerous if one breaks. They aren't expensive, so if you're sewing jeans invest in a good needle and the correct weight thread. And everything is very clearly labeled in the store, so you shouldn't have any problems. 

I folded the hem under and ironed it flat. I had to sew them right-side-out to make sure the top stitch was looking okay. Luckily it did. Now Anna has another pair of shorts for these stupidly hot days of July AND they were free. 

Because the shorts were cut off, it took away the silly dark, light, dark wash they had going on. I'm sure that was the trend when these jeans were originally purchased, but now they're even better! This took hardly any time, and I would highly recommend examining your closet before going out and buying a pair of shorts that cost the same as pants! (But really, where do retailers get off doing that? Less fabric = same money? Stop it) 

Also, I got my driver's license switched from South Carolina to Virginia! They punched a hole through my SC one at the DMV and I didn't even notice until the next day! They gave me a piece of paper that was my "license" for the time being. And yesterday I finally got my real one in the mail! There's a weird see-through circle with my face on it, and they wouldn't let me smile in my picture! Disappointing... 

But hey, looks like I'm a real Virginian now! Sort of. 

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