Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Devil's in the Details

Guys. Setting up an apartment is hard. I mean, I knew it would be. But now that I'm actually doing it my bank account is crying.  I have most of the major stuff set up (couch, tv, kitchen is good to go) but it's the little things that are killing me! Here are a few things you might want to look into if you're moving into an apartment any time soon!

I always like to have a place to hang my keys so I always know where they are. I found these adorable little hooks at World Market today for $2 each, and I couldn't resist.  Aaaaand because I own no power tools (My birthday's in September! Hint!) I had to screw them in by hand. The one on the right is loose because I think it ran into a beam or something, but keys aren't too heavy so I doubt it'll be an issue.

I found this set of mirrors at Target for $20 and knew they'd be perfect for over my bed. I needed something on that bare wall! Again, I had to screw them into the wall by hand, but it really wasn't bad. There isn't a good way to secure them, so hopefully the neighbors won't play any loud music and knock them down.  Doubt it; it seems like everyone here has little kids. 

Of course, when I was trying to hang them I dropped a screw. Not only did it fall behind the bed, it fell in the crack between the carpet and the baseboard.  WHY is there even a crack between the carpet and baseboard??? I tried to dig it out and even pulled up the carpet a bit (shhhh), but there was no hope. Exaggerated sigh. 

Another little thing that's important to check? The bathtub! Our shower is missing the majority of it's grout (and I'm still waiting on maintenance to come fix it) and the bath mat was super slimy. Um, gross! I tried to peel it up, but all that was beneath it was the bare bathtub, without the glaze or whatever it's called. So that wouldn't do. I found a cute pebble bath mat at Target for $15 and put that down over it. Now we don't have to see the ugly, AND we don't have to step on the slimy. 

 There are no overhead lights in the bedrooms in this apartment. That's really weird to me, because I've always lived in places that had them. So! That means lamps just became really important. I found some great lamps at Goodwill for around $7 a piece, but I think this hanging lantern really completes my room. I found the cord at Goodwill for $3.50 (light kits at Ikea are way more than that, just sayin') and the lantern part was $5.50 at World Market. I got some cieling hooks for a couple bucks from Target and screwed them in my hand and tacked it up there. Not too shabby! Its a little washed out in this picture because the light is bright, but the lantern is my favorite color- peacock blue, the same as the bathmat in the above picture! 


Of course, I had to show some Tiger spirit in my room, so I hung this board over my closet. Now I can see it every day when I get dressed! 

And finally, I added a few homey touches to the balcony.  The adirondack chair is from Home Depot ($17!!) and the flowers are petunias. Petunias are impossible to kill, according to my mother, so it's probably a good plant for me to start out with.  

I'm looking forward to adding even more things (Curtains! Rugs! Other things!) to make this place a home. Who knows what I'll find!

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