Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lazy Art

One thing that has bothered me about my apartment is that the walls are bare and white. Boooooring. I never noticed how much wall art can make a difference in a home, but it's a perfect finishing touch that is easy to overlook.  That said, I had to do something to spruce up my white walls. I found this pretty paper from Nepal at World Market and thought it would look great hanging in the apartment. 

To do that, I got a canvas on sale at Michael's (Tip: NEVER walk in there without a coupon, they have amazing deals!) I also had to go buy a staple gun. I resisted at first, but there really wasn't any other way for me to get the paper to stay on the canvas.  The staple gun and staples were less than $20, and this is definitely something I'll use again, so I figured it's a worthwhile investment.  

I flipped the canvas and paper over, folded it, and stapled all the way around the edge. And I shouldn't have to say this, but be sure to staple into the wood, not through the canvas.  I may just be a wimp, but squeezing the trigger hurt my hand! And staple guns are dangerous, so kids be sure to get a parent's permission first. 

Make sure the paper is tight all the way around as you staple, or it'll be lumpy. Nobody wants lumpy art. When you're finished, flip it over and admire your hard (okay, not very hard) work! I love projects like this because other than going to Home Depot to buy the staple gun, it took me all of 10 minutes. And it's pretty too! Thank you, Nepal, for making pretty paper for me to use. 

I'll get around to actually hanging it....eventually. 

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  1. Wow, that looks fantastic and way more expensive than it really is. Pink and gold is one of my favorite color combos.

    1. Thank you! The pink and gold paper was actually only $4, so yeah, it was a great deal!


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