Friday, August 16, 2013


Summer was always my favorite season. No school, pool time, extra sleep, all that jazz. And then I turned 19 and went crazy and decided to get a full time job for when I wasn't in school. Needless to say, it's been a while since I've had a "summer". But, for the first time ever, I'm actually ready for fall to come. Before, fall always meant going back to school. I always made good grades and had friends, but for some reason I hated going back to school. (Except college. That meant Clemson football was about to start.)

These last few days where it's been like, 75 degrees here have totally spoiled me. August isn't over yet and I'm pretty sure August is the worst month for any Washington metro area resident. Can you say humidity? 

Anyway, now that I don't have to go back to school, I'm actually pretty excited for fall! Jeans and scarves and cooler weather. I can go apple picking and hiking and run outside without dying of a heat stroke...  I'm ready for pretty leaves in a new city and cider and maybe carving a pumpkin all by myself? Nahhhh. Maybe I'll paint the pumpkin instead. 

Summer, I love you and I always will... But come on fall! 

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