Sunday, October 6, 2013

DIY Necklace Holder

The government's still shut down, so I still have time to do all my projects.  This one's been on my to do list for a while. I have some long necklaces and no place to put them, so I wanted to build a necklace holder! I got the inspiration from Pinterest of course, but I never had any of the supplies to make it until now. 

First, go to Home Depot and head to the lumber department. Sometimes they'll give away scrap boards that can't be sold- that's how I got this one. Next, paint it the color of your choosing. I didn't bother sanding mine down first, but if you're into that then go for it. 

While you're in Home Depot, pick up a drill if you don't already have one. Especially if you're a girl., because you are a STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMAN who doesn't need to borrow someone else's drill.  (But if you need to get someone to saw your board in half no one will judge. Not speaking from experience here.) Anyway, you can get a nice DeWalt for a few hundred and it will last the rest of your life, or if you're cheap like me get a little Black and Decker for $60 and call it a day. I don't do any heavy duty projects anyway, so a $60 drill works just fine. Don't forget drill bits. Important. 

After that, head over to World Market or Anthropologie and get some cabinet knobs. I think they're cheaper at World Market and just as cute.  A few example projects I looked at had mismatched knobs, but the OCD in me couldn't handle it. I got 3 of the same type. Pretty, right? 

Next, pre-drill your holes in your painted board.  This took some trail and error for me- I started out making the hole too small and had to go up in size, but it's better than making it too big to start- you don't want the knob flopping around. 

The next part was what I dreaded most: getting it to stay on the wall. Of all of the blogs I read about this project, none of them mentioned how to actually get the board to stay on the wall. So, I held the board with my pre-drilled holes to the wall, put the drill back in, held it very still, and drilled into the wall where each hole already was. I made the holes in the wall smaller than in the board so that the knobs would be tighter.  Then I stuck in the knobs, and it stayed! Maybe it's not the best way to do it, but my necklaces aren't heavy, and it works. 

Did I mention how much I love these? So pretty!

Ta da! Complete with necklaces. I'm really excited about this! And I finally get to give the necklaces a home. I feel like I'll be much more likely to wear them if they're displayed, rather than forgetting about them when they're shoved in a jewelry box somewhere. Success! 

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