Friday, October 4, 2013

High Five for Friday #Shutdown Style

Happy Friday! It's been an interesting week, to say the least. I mean, America is basically down the toilet because we have no government and therefore I have no job. But not to worry! That gives me lots of free time to do things like blogging! It's been a few weeks, so here's what you missed: 

1. This is not a "high five" but I'm telling you anyway. I learned today that French Toast is a lot harder than it looks! I tried twice and just couldn't get it right WHAT. I mean, I can make a chocolate e'clair with my eyes closed, but I can't make a simple breakfast? I am a darn good cook THANK YOU. I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED! 

2. My friend Caitlin and I walked around downtown yesterday and I got to take some pictures. I've got a roll of film I've been meaning to finish off, and since DC isn't run over by tourists now, I figured yesterday was a good time. We couldn't actually go inside anywhere, but the weather was nice. 

3. I painted this wall! It's "Bayside Blue" I really like it.  The white walls in my apartment were driving me CRAZY.  This is much better.  Next up- curtains. 

4. Step 2 in making this apartment feel more like a home is adding things like rugs and wall art. Here's a rug I got from World Market. It was originally $45 and with coupons I got it for $19. Score! I've been obsessed with this rug for a loooong time so it feels great to finally have it. I put it under the coffee table. 

5. Some of my fellow furloughed friends came over for dinner this week and we made pumpkin lasagna! I was a little skeptical of the pumpkin but it actually was pretty good. It's got normal lasagna noodles, with swiss chard , pumpkin goo for the saucy bit, and parmesan cheese. 

Welp, the government continues to be shut down, so I'm going to continue to be a housewife. You know, baking stuff...probably a strawberry cobbler today. And who knows, I may even get crazy and vacuum! Watch out guys. 

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