Saturday, March 1, 2014

Zippered T-Shirt Upgrade

I've got a lot of plain t-shirts. I love them because they're simple. I thought it would be cool to add a visible zipper down the back of one to add some interest! 

So, first, I cut the back of the shirt open, straight up the middle.  I used a ruler and fabric chalk to get a straight line, and cut with my pinking shears to reduce fraying.  I pinned where the zipper was going to go. 

After pinning, I sewed down the shirt with a basting stitch - easy to take out after the zipper is in place.  Next, I pinned the zipper over the seam I just sewed.  

After that, I switched to the zipper foot on my sewing machine, loaded it with black thread, and sewed down one side of the zipper and up the other.  You can see how the zipper foot is good for holding the zipper straight.  

After I had the zipper in place, I opened up the seam over the zipper. I cut away the small edge of fabric that was left around the zipper too - I like the raw edge. 

And here's the finished product! I'm really happy with it! I think if I were to try it again the process would be a lot quicker. Zippers just take a lot of practice! But I'm satisfied with the result, I think it's a great way to spice up a plain shirt. 

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