About Me

I'm Amanda. I'm a Clemson alum.  I'm obsessed with tiny pigs. I love photography, sewing, crafting, and embroidery.

I love cooking, especially the part where I get to eat it. I love going on adventures, even if it's just to the local thrift shop. Or hiking! 

I'm a chronic procrastinator but I always manage to get things done. I drink more tea than a Brit and eat more bananas than a monkey. I also think we should say banana like "ba-non-na". Try it, it's more fun that way.

I love shopping and have more clothes than one can possibly wear. A girl needs choices! I hate the smell of boiled eggs, I love thunderstorms, and Top Gear is the best tv show, with Dr. Who as a close second.

Oh, and I have 7 piercings (all ears) and a tattoo two tattoos.

Any questions? 


  1. Amanda! I am loving your blog! I followed you over from my blog (Our Pemberley). While I did not attend Clemson (I am a CofC girl myself), I am a huge Clemson Tigers fan.

    Our Pemberley

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Charity! I enjoy reading your posts too, and I look forward to more!


  2. Me encanto tu pagina! Felicidades, bien hecho!


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